Bram Lancee

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam


Ethnic Inequality in the Labour Market

A central question of integration research is how migrants perform on the labour market in comparison to the native population. To what extend do ethnic minorities have equal changes on the labour market? How does the distribution of individual resources affect chances and outcomes? To what extend is inequality in the labour market affected by contextual and institutional determinants, like the structure of the labour market, or integration policy?

Consequences of Immigration

How does the majority population react to the increasingly diverse society that they live in? Why do some people oppose immigration? My research interest on the consequences of immigration is twofold. First, I am interested how diverse contexts, such as neighbourhoods, affect social trust and social cohesion. Second, I am interested in the explanations of negativity towards immigrants.

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Social Capital and Social Participation

I am interested how social relations affect relevant outcome variables, such as performance on the labour market. Furthermore, I study to what extent social participation changes over people’s lives.

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