Bram Lancee

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam


EQUALSTRENGTH. From one closed door to another: Cumulative discrimination and prejudice against marginalized groups in Europe

Funded by the European Commission (Horizon Europe, € 3.2 Mln)

The main contribution of EQUALSTRENGTH is to investigate cumulative and structural forms of discrimination, outgroup prejudice and hate crimes against ethnic, racial and religious minorities from a cross-setting and intersectional perspective. We rely on field experiments, population-level secondary survey data, meso-level policy analysis and targeted data collection to include the perspectives of both gatekeepers and the minority groups who directly face and confront discrimination.

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Bringing the Context Back in: How National institutions and Organizations Shape Ethnic Discrimination in the Labour Market

Funded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (Vidi, € 800,000)

How do organisations and national institutions shape ethnic discrimination on the labour market? This  VIDI project analyses how hiring policies, organizational structure and interethnic attitudes explain discriminatory behaviour of employers. The project is the first comprehensive, cross-national study on how the institutional context shapes discriminatory behaviour of employers; we collect unique organizational data and a vignette study among employers.
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The GEMM Study: A Cross-National Harmonized Field Experiment on Hiring Discrimination

Funded by the European Commission (H2020, € 2.5 Mln)

The GEMM study (N=19,181) employs an innovative field-experimental research design that allows for the comparative analysis of hiring discrimination across 53 ethnic groups in five strategically selected countries: Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the data allow for analysing cultural distance, religion, phenotype, as well as soft and hard skills of job applicants.
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The Consequences of Immigration

How does the majority population react to the increasingly diverse society that they live in? Why do some people oppose immigration? My research interest on the consequences of immigration is twofold. First, I am interested how diverse contexts, such as neighbourhoods, affect social trust and social cohesion. Second, I am interested in the explanations of negativity towards immigrants.
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Social Capital and Social Participation

I am interested how social relations affect relevant outcome variables, such as performance on the labour market. Furthermore, I study to what extent social participation changes over people’s lives.

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