Bram Lancee

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam



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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Contributions to Books

Sarrasin, O., Kuhn, T. and Lancee, B. (2018). What explains increasing Euroscepticism in Switzerland? A longitudinal analysis. In: Tillmann, R. Voorpostel, M. and Farrago, P. (eds) (2018). Social dynamics in Swiss society. Life Course Research and Social Policies 9, pp. 203-214. New York: Springer.pdf

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Data collection

Lancee, B., Birkelund, G., Coenders, M., Di Stasio, V., Fernández Reino, M., Heath, A., Koopmans, R., Larsen, E., Polavieja, J., Ramos, M., Soiné, H., Thijssen, L., Veit, S., & Yemane, R.(2019). The GEMM study: A cross-national harmonized field experiment on labour market discrimination -Codebook. pdf

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Contributions to the Public Debate

Lancee, B. (2013). Ängste, die Abwehr auslösen Wer den Job verliert, neigt eher zu migranten- feindlichen Einstellungen. WZB-Mitteilungen, no. 142, pp. 16-17. pdf

Lancee, B. Radio 1, Villa VPRO. Theme-broadcast Germany, 19-9-2013, 15:30-16:30

Dronkers, J. and Lancee, B. (2008). “De kwestie: helpt de middenklasse?” [Debate: Can the middle class improve poor neighbourhoods?]. Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken, no. 9 (September), pp.22-23.

Lancee, B. and Dronkers, J. (2008). ‘Bij etnische mix kruipen mensen in hun schulp. Geen vertrouwen in de wijk’, [Ethnic diversity promotes ‘hunkering down’. No trust in the neighbourhood]. NRC Handelsblad, May 14th, p.7 pdf