Bram Lancee

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam

Working Papers

Kuhn, T., Lancee, B. and Sarrasin, O. (2016). Educational differences in euroscepticism: utilitarianism, values acquired at school or parental socialization? Paper presented at the ESCR conference, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 22-24 September.

Lancee, B. (2015). Ethnic inequality in youth unemployment. A comparative analysis of immigrants in Europe. Paper presented at ‘Migration and identity’, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 6-7 march.

Heisig, J.P., Lancee, B. and Radl, J.(2014). Ethnic inequality in retirement income. A comparative analysis of immigrant-native gaps in Western Europe. Paper presented at the DGS, Trier, 8 October.

Lancee, B. and Bol, T. (2014). Ethnic inequality in the labor market. The transferability of skills and degrees. Paper presented at the RC28, World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, 15 July.

Lancee, B. and Sarassin, O. (2013). Educational attainment and attitudes towards immigrants of young adults. Paper presented at the ECPR, Bordeaux 5-7 September.

Lancee, B. and Schaeffer, M.(2013). Moving to diversity: residential mobility, changes in ethnic diversity and concerns about immigration. Paper presented at the conference ‘Ethnic diversity and social capital, WZB, Berlin, May 24-25. pdf

Lancee, B. (2013). Job search methods and immigrants’ labour market performance. The role of bridging social capital. Paper presented at the RC28, Trento, 16-18 May.

Lancee, B. and Seibel, V.(2012). “The rural origin effect. Contact with natives and interethnic marriages of Turkish migrants in six European countries.” The paper in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Lancee, B. and Radl, J.(2012). “Volunteering over the life course.” Paper presented at the GSOEP User Conference, Berlin, June 28-29 and ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference, Stockholm, 24-26 September.

Pardos-Prado, S., Lancee, B. and Sagarzazu, I. (2012). “Issue ownership and electoral change. A longitudinal perspective”. Paper presented at the workshop ‘Change in Political Attitudes, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 7-8 June. pdf

Notten, N., Lancee, B. and Van de Werfhorst, H.G.(2011). “Cognitive Competency and Signaling Status. A Study of Cultural Participation in a Comparative Perspective”. Paper presented at the ECSR conference, december 14-17, Dublin. pdf

Dewilde, C. and Lancee, B. (2011). “Income inequality and access to housing in Europe”. Paper presented at the ECSR conference, december 14-17, Dublin. GINI Discussion Paper No. 32. Amsterdam: AIAS. pdf

De Vries, C., Hakhverdian, A. and Lancee, B. (2011). “The dynamics of voters’ left/right identification: The role of economic and cultural attitudes.” Paper presented at the ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik, August 25-27. pdf

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Lancee, B. and Radl, J.(2011). “Social connectedness and the transition from work to retirement. A panel study”. Paper presented at the RC28 spring meeting, Essex University, April 13-16th 2011. pdf

Steijn, S. and Lancee, B. (2011). “Does income inequality negatively affect general trust? Examining three potential problems with the inequality-trust hypothesis.” GINI Discussion Paper No. 20. Amsterdam: AIAS.

Lancee, B. and Van de Werfhorst, H.G.(2011). “Income inequality and participation. A comparison of 24 European countries.” GINI Discussion Paper No. 6. Amsterdam: AIAS. pdf appendix

Lancee, B, Gesthuizen, M., and Van de Werfhorst, H.G.(2011). “Opleiding en opvattingen over ongelijkheid. Een trendanalyse in Nederland (1975-2008)” [Education and attitudes toward redistribution. A trend analysis in the Netherlands (1975-2008)]. Paper presented at the AMCIS year conference, January 20, Amsterdam.

Lancee, B. and Pardos-Prado, S.(2010). “Group conflict theory in a longitudinal perspective: Analyzing the dynamic and structural side of inter-ethnic competition”. Paper presented at ‘New Migrations, new Challenges’, Trinity College Dublin, June 30-July 3rd and at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2-5th, Washington DC.

Lancee, B. (2009). “The economic returns of bonding and bridging social capital for immigrant men in Germany”. Paper presented at the ECSR conference, Sciences Po, December 11-12th, Paris.

Hartung, A. and Lancee, B. (2009). “Turkish migrants and native Germans compared, The effect of inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic friendships on the transition from unemployment to work”. Paper presented at the GSOEP Young Scholar Symposium, Bremen, March 27-28th and the ESA conference, September 2-5th, Lisbon.

Lancee, B. and J. Dronkers (2009). “Ethnic, religious and economic diversity in the neighbourhood: explaining quality of contact with neighbours, trust in neighbourhood and inter-ethnic trust for immigrant and native residents”. Paper presented at the IMISCOE Cross-Cluster Theory Conference Interethnic Relations: Multidisciplinary Approaches, May 13-15th, Lisbon. pdf

Lancee, B. and C. ter Hoeven (2008). “Self-rated health and sickness-related absence: the modifying role of civic participation “. Paper presented at the 8th conference of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, Valencia, November 12-14th.

Lancee, B. (2008). “The economic returns of immigrants’ bonding and bridging social capital. The case of the Netherlands”. Paper presented in the regular session of the American Sociological Association’s 103rd Annual Meeting, August 1-4th, Boston, MA.

Lancee, B. and J. Dronkers (2008). “Ethnic diversity in neighbourhoods and individual trust of immigrant and natives: a replication of Putnam (2007) in a West-European country”. Paper presented at the conference ‘Theoretical perspectives on social cohesion and social capital, Royal Academy of Sciences, May 15th, Brussels. The final version is published in: Marc Hooghe (ed). Social capital an social cohesion. Interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives. Brussels: Royal Academy of Sciences. pdf

Van Alphen, S and B. Lancee (2008). “Compensating early school leave in Germany. The influence of social capital”. Paper presented at the RC28 Spring Meeting in Florence, and the 8th SOEP Users’ Conference, DIW, July 9-11th, Berlin. pdf